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Welcome to AlMarefah

Pioneering Robotics, Empowering Innovation"

Welcome to AlMarefah, the official Arduino startup and the exclusive provider in the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE. With strong affiliations to renowned partners such as Teensy, RFBeam, Hanback Electronics, and DFRobot, we stand at the forefront of innovation. Our versatile approach encompasses designing cutting-edge robots that push the boundaries of technology, as well as offering top-notch robot rental services for various events. Committed to empowering the community, we go beyond by providing engaging tutorials and workshops in diverse engineering and AI fields, sharing knowledge and fostering a passion for technology. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we not only shape the future of robotics but also inspire the next generation of creators and innovators.


Robot Designing and Renting

We design cutting-edge robots and provide robot rental services for conferences and events. Experience the future with our innovative creations and elevate your gatherings with state-of-the-art robotics. Our Model "Merhab" is shown to the left of this text. Check more.

Electronics Distributor

Discover seamless distribution with AlMarefah. We proudly deliver cutting-edge robots and technology products from renowned brands like Arduino, Teensy, RFBeam, Hanback Electronics, and DFRobot worldwide. Timely and secure shipments guaranteed for an effortless experience. Partner with us for hassle-free procurement and supply chain management.

Tutorials and Seminars

Unleash your potential with our dynamic tutorials and seminars. Learn from academic experts in engineering and AI, gaining valuable insights and practical skills. Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech world through interactive sessions tailored for all skill levels. Join us and embrace continuous learning for limitless possibilities.

Working With the Best

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Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park
Block B - B10-094
Sharjah, UAE

WhatsApp (Only): +971 50 672 7263

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